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Prayerline December 2023

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December 1

Help Bring Gospel Transformation in China

A man living in a remote area of towering mountains had been born with deformed legs, and when he contracted COVID-19, native Christian workers who knew him from prior aid deliveries covered his medical bills and living expenses.

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December 3

Send the Gospel to the Unreached in Argentina

A tribal group in a remote jungle village heard the gospel for the first time when native Christian workers recently visited them. After three days, 25 villagers accepted Christ. The team appointed one of the tribal converts to lead the new group.

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December 4

Help Bring Word of Eternal Life in Ghana

The Spirit of God is opening hearts to the gospel. A native Christian worker and members of his congregation embarked on soul-winning outreaches in June that saw 30 people put their faith in Christ; 13 were baptized and joined the church.

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December 5

Support Gospel Outreach in South Asia

A man had decided to divorce his wife because they had only one child, a mute girl, and the couple had been unable to conceive other children despite many medical treatments. They then met native Christian workers who shared the gospel with them, and both put their faith in Christ.

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December 6

Help Form Strong Disciples in Spain

A former drug dealer put his faith in Christ after a native Christian worker shared the gospel with him, and his life was so changed that he brought his friends and more than 12 relatives to hear the message of salvation at the worker’s church.

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December 7

Enable Workers to Share the Gospel in Burma

In an area where the people were known for their cruelty and opposition to the gospel, native Christian workers found cyclone damage and military conflict have opened hearts to hearing about Christ. Having planted churches in rural villages for nearly 30 years, workers are also eager to establish congregations in a city.

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December 8

Help Plant Gospel Seed in Lebanon

Native Christian workers went to disciple a woman who recently put her faith in Christ, and her twin daughters said they wanted to attend church services. “They said that they had seen the change that took place in their mother’s life, and that they would like to attend Bible study,” the ministry leader said.

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December 10

Support Evangelism and Discipleship in Sri Lanka

A native Christian worker making home visits prayed for a sick family member, and then invited her to a Friday prayer meeting. Christians prayed for her there and at a Sunday morning worship service that she attended. “She said she felt a little better, and she contentedly came on Sundays for three months,” the ministry leader said.

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December 11

Provide Aid for Victims of Disaster in South Asia

Torrential rains have pounded various countries in the region, inundating homes with water and turning streets and farmlands into rivers. Flooding and landslides have led to the deaths of many people. Survivors are in desperate need of food, water and other aid as they consider how to rebuild their damaged or destroyed homes.

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December 12

Partner in Leading People to Christ in Uruguay

More young people are coming to Christ in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. A native worker and his wife shared the gospel with a young woman who was suffering severe depression, and she put her faith in Christ. “The Lord saved her, and she found a new hope in Jesus,” the ministry leader said.

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December 13

Help Workers Plant Churches in Iran

A man addicted to drugs for 20 years became so desperate that he tried to kill himself. Native Christian workers visited and prayed with him, and after three days he put his faith in Christ, stopped using drugs and began sharing his faith with addicts.

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December 14

Help Spread Word of the Kingdom in China

In spite of pandemic restrictions, native Christian workers recently planted a church that is spreading kingdom light amid a community in darkness. The ministry seeks to plant another church in an area where workers previously brought the gospel to schoolchildren during a holiday celebrating the National Day.

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December 15

Help Bring Villages to Faith in Cambodia

Native Christian workers praised God for tribal leaders in their 70s and 80s who recently put their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior, resulting in entire villages coming to saving faith. Workers were also encouraged by responses to their radio broadcasts.

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December 16

Help Form and Disciple New Christians in South Asia

A native ministry has increased its outreach, resulting in more people receiving prayer for healing and accepting Christ’s grace. “After receiving baptism, saints regularly attend the house church for breaking of bread, learning the Word and giving themselves to prayer and witnessing,” the ministry leader said.

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December 17

Help Advance the Gospel in Gambia

Native Christian workers visiting a village were disappointed when only a few of the more than 60 people who saw the Jesus Film and heard a gospel message answered the call to receive Christ. As the workers met with villagers to pray for their needs the next day, however, they saw the full effect of the presentation as more than 10 people declared their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior.

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December 18

Help Open Doors for the Gospel in the Philippines

A native ministry’s church has begun a new outreach that involves the ministry leader joining police and government officials in meetings to teach from God’s Word. This opens the door to sharing the gospel, and another government department has also asked the leader to teach the Word of God to members and beneficiaries of state service in three communities.

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December 19

Partner in Gospel Outreach in Greece

A refugee mother of three children who had fled her abusive husband received aid from a native ministry, including medical and legal assistance. Workers recently led her and her friend to faith in Christ. Refugees who have never heard the gospel learn about the Savior from workers amid the numerous opportunities that arise in the course of receiving aid.

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December 20

Help Plant Biblical Churches in Chad

Over the course of three months earlier this year, native Christian workers planted several house churches as they led 72 people to Christ. “We call on God first and foremost for the salvation of unreached peoples,” the ministry leader said. “Rescue implies a danger and therefore an urgency that requires a quick and powerful response. So, the whole Body of Christ is urged to pray.”

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December 21

Provide Aid for Traumatized Refugees in Türkiye

Many employers refuse to hire refugees, and those that do would not pay enough for them to cover rent. The refugees tell workers that they cannot return to Syria as war has turned residential areas into areas of dangerous conflict or crime. Native Christian workers are the only ones providing them food, water and other aid, opening hearts to the Bible, prayer and the gospel.

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December 22

Help Supply Compassionate Aid in Southeast Asia

Native Christian workers providing aid to cyclone victims found people afflicted by malaria, dengue and other diseases. Many people lost the roofs of their homes, some lost the bamboo they sold to make a living, and some lost their paddy fields to flooding.

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December 23

Help Provide the Bread of Life in Pakistan

The Lord is working through a native ministry that recently distributed hundreds of Bibles, including audio Bibles. One recipient said, “I am an illiterate person who had a thirst for the Word of God. Now after receiving the audio Bible, I listen to the Psalms and am being blessed by it.”

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December 24

Help Workers Share the Gospel in China

A girl had attended a summer camp for Tibetan teenagers since she was in the eighth grade and heard the gospel many times. Serving at a summer camp after becoming a college student, she witnessed and came to appreciate the way of life among native workers. Touched by the Holy Spirit, she finally put her faith in Christ.

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December 25

Help Sow Gospel Seed in Bangladesh

Meeting people in marketplaces, shops and home visits, native Christian workers form friendships and share the gospel as they invest in the lives of others. Opportunities to tell people about Christ also arise as they distribute water and medicines and give free training in tailoring.

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December 26

Help Workers Spread Biblical Truth in Kenya

In the face of illness, flooding and rampant false teaching, native Christian workers visited homes and villages to bring biblical truth to poverty-stricken people who found hope in Christ. “Through door-to-door evangelism, we meet people who are oppressed by the devil, and we encourage them to have faith in God through Jesus Christ,” the ministry leader said.

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December 27

Transform Lives with the Gospel in Peru

A rural villager who belonged to a sect opposed the gospel, saying only members of his religion would be saved. When he fell ill, he accepted a worker’s invitation to attend a church service, where he responded to the gospel with tears and gave his life to Christ.

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December 28

Help Provide Aid to the Needy in Africa

Amid widespread hunger, the parents of children that native Christian workers fed in Zimbabwe came to express their thanks, providing an opportunity to share the gospel. In another outreach, an elderly man who had lost his wife and three children was stunned that he was not asked to pay for the food that workers distributed to him.

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December 29

Help Bring Relief to Refugees in Europe

Refugees from Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine and other areas of military conflict and danger risk their lives to flee and provide hope of survival for their children. The cost is high as they arrive in Europe traumatized and in deep physical need. Native Christian workers are often the only ones who help them with food, clothing, shelter and assistance in finding medical and legal help.

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December 30

Help Bring the Lost to Faith in South Asia

A man who accepted Christ as a youth received beatings from his father for becoming a Christian, and he stopped attending church and slipped into ungodly behaviors. He became an alcoholic, and progress at a rehabilitation center was followed by relapses.

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December 31

Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Workers

Christian Aid chooses to serve only those native ministries that have proven effective and are doctrinally sound. We verify that they are evangelistic in nature and check their doctrinal statements to ensure that they are biblically based, and then we look at their track record to see how they are bearing fruit.

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