Christians in Mexico gather for a picture in their church building made from gray bricks

People in Mexico Hear Gospel for the First Time

Two indigenous families in rural Mexico had no inkling of God’s existence until they heard audio recordings of the Gospel of Mark in their tribal language.

“When listening to our audios in their language, something changed in them,” the leader of a native ministry said. “These families have changed their way of being and thinking.”

The two families recently put their faith in Christ and have begun attending church services.

“They reported that, when they listened to the audios of the book of Mark, they felt the need to receive God in their hearts, because they were finally able to listen and really understand the reason Jesus came to earth,” the leader said. “One of them said, ‘He came to humanity to save and transform – He suffered so much for all of us.’”

Some members of the families had been bedridden with an incurable disease, he said.

“The Word of God that they have known has filled them with happiness, and they rejoice in their complete healing, because Christ has saved them and healed them,” the leader said.

Among people who staunchly hold to centuries of belief in tribal deities, one family member said that they thanked God for His Word in their language and were grateful to the worker who had shared the audio recordings with them.

“Without a doubt, this testimony encourages us to continue working on the translations,” the leader said.

The Lord has spoken to the hearts of people in their languages through various projects, including a recent translation of the Book of Jonah.

“This has allowed people of different ages to not only discover what God says and commands, but also to learn more about writing and reading in their own language,” the leader said.

Ministry workers are taught that all languages of the world and their variants are found in the heart of God, and they discover daily His immense love through His Word.

“Our desire is that the message of redemption and salvation be for everyone, because His words are for everyone,” the leader said. “For this reason, every day we work hard on the translations, oral and written, and dissemination of the Scriptures, so that our peoples may know, enjoy and be transformed by receiving the Word of God in the language of their hearts.”

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